What makes these movie logos successful?

Elena Nessler

Most people can recognize the logos for Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park and A Clockwork Orange anywhere. As designers, we strive to create images that are loved like these. But what is the secret behind the design of these logos? Or is there a secret?

Hm, there’s not really a secret here. My best guess as to why these are so successful (besides the film itself) would be a combination of some or all of: simplicity, iconic imagery and good typography.

Top 10 Movie Logos:



This site’s top picks all have one thing in common: simplicity. They only use 2 colours for the most part, and use stellar typography and simple icons to convey the plot. Just look at the Godfather logo: simple black-and-white with interesting font and a clear “puppet master” icon. Clean yet informative and aesthetically pleasing.

7 Most Successful movie logos:



For this site, iconic imagery seems…

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