The most annoying part of InDesign–and how to fix it

InDesign is a must-have program for any designer–it’s a go-to for any document design needs. However, the program has its many frustrations. The one that I hear complained about most often and the one that I myself get extremely irritated with is the paragraph hyphenation. Is there a way to fix this?

Yes. There is not just an on/off switch that will remove it for all eternity, but in a few simple steps you can work on a document without this nuisance. Hyphenation tends to break up the flow of writing and makes the document seem less professional, at least in my opinion. Here’s how to get around it.

When you start your InDesign document, figure out the font you are using for your main body paragraphs.

Then, add the typography bar to your workspace if you do not have it already. Under this, there will be a section titled ‘Paragraph Styles’ near the bottom.

When you enter Paragraph Styles, add your font under Basic Character Formats. Now head over to Hyphenation, and turn that bad boy off.


Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.14.24 AM

There are also many other sections under Paragraph Styles that may be useful to you depending on how your document is formatted.

And voila! At least for the document you are working on, you will not have to worry about fixing every page for hyphenation. This will help you avoid inconsistencies in your final product. This is especially useful for large documents!


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