Why writing is so important for designers

When you imagine the duties of a designer, you likely think of the graphic and formatting elements. However, information design is not just about the visuals. Is writing really important for designers?

Writing is essential for designers. It may not seem so, but the ability to write clearly and concisely is a skill that is difficult to master. Designers are constantly developing their writing skills, and for good reason: here’s why writing is so important in the design industry.

Forget Coding–writing is the new unicorn skill


This article cautions over-reliance on interface. They state that even simplistic design requires writing skills: “Trends in digital design emphasize clean lines and few words–giving language itself more weight.” This offering is crucial. It is a reminder that the importance of writing is not only significant in large bodies of text.

This infographic on technical writing reveals the design functions it serves now and into the future:


The importance of writing in UX design:


This post explores writing in a user experience context. If the audience doesn’t understand your writing, they are not going to get far.



After all, the three key components of information design are graphics, usability and technical writing. They are equal elements, so don’t let writing get overshadowed. Design is nothing without writing.


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