Coding: what it is and why it is useful

Recently I have been coming across articles regarding the importance of coding in the design industry. I had no idea what coding was–it just seemed like some complex computer language that only hackers would use. Should designers know how to code?

I don’t know how to code myself, so I can’t say for sure. However, from what I have read it seems like a beneficial skills for people in any industry.

Coding is basically learning a new language in which you can program computer software, create websites, apps and more.

Here is some information on coding so you can decide whether it is worth it for you to learn how to code.

This website has a ton of information pertaining to coding. It’s easy to understand for a beginner like me and explains the basics of coding. It’s even organized into sections for easy navigation:

One of the key points that this article highlights is that because coding is not a skill that many possess, professional coders earn a pretty large salary. It’s a good skill to have in your back pocket if you’re struggling for money.

…which brings me to this.

At least according to Forbes, design-related jobs such as technical writing, user experience and instructional design are easier to land if you are able to code. If you’re interested in going into one of those fields, it might be useful to take the time and learn how to code. I was pretty surprised by this article, as I haven’t really even heard about coding, especially not in design school. It definitely got me thinking, and I might try to take a crack at coding when I have some extra time.

I don’t understand this one but I’m sure if you’re a coder it will be amusing:


So there you have it. Whether coding seems appealing or not, it’s important to know that employers are considering it to be an important skill. I’m not sure if I’m cut out for it or not, but who knows. You could have the potential to be a master coder!



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